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‘Not enough time’: Cavallo decides not to seek Mildura Rural City Council re-election

Nick Cavallo is the second Mildura Rural City councillor to decide not to seek re-election in November.
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The Mildura businessman wants to regain the 20 to 30 hours he spends each week on council commitments and hopes to achieve a better work-life balance.

For similar reasons in March this year, councillor Fiona Hilton-Wood decided against nominating for a second term.

She wanted to spend more time with family and focus on the law firm she runs with her husband.

Both Cr Cavallo and Cr Hilton-Wood will remain dedicated to their council roles until the end of October, just before the election in November.

As well as fulfilling his weekly council commitments, Cr Cavallo is a partner in Leading Edge Computers Mildura, president of Mildura Settlers’ Cricket Club and a committee member with groups including Willowfest, the Iluka Environment Review committee and Sunraysia Sustainability Network.

He said his decision not to run again was “not made lightly”.

“Basically it’s a combination of things, I couldn’t sustain what I did,” he said.

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Standing down: Councillor Nick Cavallo has decided not to stand for re-election in the Mildura Rural City Council election in November.

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Mayoral race in the dark

Dubbo has one candidate for mayor and one for deputy mayor, but most councillors are keeping their cards close to their chest.
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Incumbent Mathew Dickerson will seek to return to the top job on Thursday while re-elected councillor Lyn Griffiths has announced she will stand for deputy mayor.

Those positions and committee leaders will be subject to a vote at an extraordinary meeting of the new Dubbo City Council on Thursday.

The civic leaders – four new to the role and seven returning – have big decisions before them.

Cr Ben Shields gained the most votes and was the first candidate declared, but he declined to comment on the mayoral race yesterday.

Cr Dickerson gained the second-most votes followed by newcomer John Walkom.

Cr Dickerson said he thought he had worked hard to be a positive representative for Dubbo as mayor and the other leadership positions needed to be filled – for at least the first year of the term – by people with some experience.

When asked if it made sense to have Cr Shields in one of the two top roles, Cr Dickerson said he was not sure of his colleague’s intentions.

“At this stage Ben hasn’t contacted me and asked for my vote so I am not even certain if he will be standing for the position,” Cr Dickerson said.

“If he contacts me and informs me that he is standing and wants my vote I will certainly listen to his reasons why he would make a good deputy mayor.”

Deputy mayor-hopeful Cr Griffiths said Cr Shields’ good poll result was a moot point because Dubbo did not have a popularly-elected mayor.

“The factors that I consider important are the ability of the nominated person to work hard for Dubbo and to work with other councillors in a positive and productive manner,” she said.

Cr Rod Towney ruled out any run for a position and gave his support to Cr Dickerson and Cr Griffiths.

“Mathew Dickerson has done a good job, going out on a limb to try to bring councillors together,” he said.

“For all the females around town it would be good to have a woman as deputy mayor, and Lyn has the runs on the board.”

Bill Kelly ruled out nominating for a position and although he would not declare his support for anyone, he said he knew which way he would vote and why.

“I’m not prepared to discuss this now, you’ll see on Thursday,” he said.

“I have my mind made up and the reasons and then I’ll be doing my best to unify the council.”

He said the actions during the next 12 months of those he voted for would decide whether his support was ongoing.

Mr Walkom was also coy about commenting on the race.

“To ensure a cohesive united council for which I have been a great advocator during my campaign for election to council, I think it prudent that the process of the election of the various positions on council be left to the democratic process of the meeting this coming Thursday,” he said.

Cr Tina Reynolds also said the discussion about the leadership positions should be amongst the 11 councillors, not played out in the media.

The Daily Liberal had not received any other responses to its request for comment from all councillors-elect at the time of going to press.

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Raising awareness from the back of a horse

Monique Newson and Cleo with Gavin Peacock and Chop Chop. Photo: AMY McINTYREA 2500-kilometre horse ride from Victoria to Queensland has stopped in Dubbo in a bid to raise money for cancer.
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Three riders have set up camp at the Dubbo Showgrounds and are raising money for cancer treatment and community cars for patients.

Yass resident Chris Bratton and riding companions Gavin Peacock and Monique Newson were among 200 riders travelling the long route to Queensland. Their journey began at Mildura on August 12.

“What started out as a crazy idea turned into reality when I put the call out on Facebook, and over 200 people responded with their interest,” Mr Bratton said.

He said the aim was to raise up to $1 million for chemotherapy treatment and to provide community cars to take patients to their appointments.

“A lot of charities raise money for cancer research, and that money usually goes overseas. I want the money to stay in Australia and to benefit all cancer patients in rural and regional areas, as a lot of those people don’t often get the help they need,” he said.

He said they also wanted to raise awareness to have horses travelling on roads. The trio started their journey to Dubbo along the Midland Highway.

“We’re making a statement and, I hope, a difference in people’s lives,” he said.

The trio will make their way about Dubbo collecting money for Cancer Council NSW today.

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Climate change is real, say island women

For many of us, climate change means higher power bills. For Kateia Kaikai it means her island home is being swallowed by the sea.
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Ms Kaikai is from the low-lying Pacific island nation of Kiribati, expected to be the first country to disappear under rising sea levels due to global climate change.

Kateia Kaikai and Maria Tiimon. Picture: ANDY ZAKELI

Along with her countrywoman Maria Tiimon, Ms Kaikai yesterday addressed a workshop on climate change at the University of Wollongong.

Earlier, she enjoyed a trip to North Wollongong Beach where she delighted in milder conditions than back home.

“When I was young I used to collect shells on the beach; when I last went home there was no shells on the beach and the coconut trees were dying. There was not even any people on the beach due to the heat,” she said.

“We used to enjoy temperatures of around 33 degrees in the middle of the day – now the heat is stifling at 35 to 40 degrees.”

Rising sea levels have forced many islanders to relocate but the options are dwindling. The Kiribati government has started negotiating to buy land in Fiji so it may one day relocate its entire population of about 100,000.

“Many have been forced off their land and have gone to other parts of the island to live with family,” Ms Kaikai said.

“Those people who still live along the coast have to grow vegetables in pots as the groundwater has become too salty for vegetable gardens.

“We used to have a well but we can’t use it any more for drinking or for washing our clothes as the water is too salty.”

UOW media studies lecturer Dr Tanja Dreher said the carbon tax was the only experience many Australians had had with climate change, so the women had been invited to the workshop to share their stories.

“Some of our nearest neighbours are experiencing the impact of climate change right now,” Dr Dreher said. “They are having to radically rethink their entire way of living in this generation – while the coming generation may have to leave.”

Ms Kaikai represents the Pacific Calling Partnership, part of the Edmund Rice Centre, a Sydney-based Catholic advocacy group.

Australia has been condemned for not offering enough aid to these nations.

“Our nation is not passive – we are taking action including building large sea walls and causeways,” Ms Kaikai said.

“But we need aid to help fund these projects.

“And we also need people in developed countries to make changes to help reduce the greenhouse gases causing climate change,” she said.

“Relocation is our last resort but we still have hope that if everyone takes some action, there’s a chance for us.”

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Riot does not help cause of complaint

MUCH has been made of the protests in Sydney by a group of followers of the Islamic faith on the weekend.
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Certainly it has done their cause no favours as the protest seemed to almost spiral out of control.

In fact, all they’ve done it to drive people to seek out this piece of rubbish on the internet instead of letting it settle into a mire of oblivion.

As a nation, Australians are known to have a more relaxed view on the world.

And as a nation we’ve not seen a lot of extremist behaviour, what was seen on the weekend was a shock to many.

Perhaps as a nation we’re not subject to what is seen at much higher frequencies in Europe, the sub-continent and the Middle East.

But just because it happens over there, it doesn’t have to happen here.

Responsible Muslim leaders condemned the violence.

It should also be mentioned some Muslims, alarmed by the text messages being circulated, made contact with police agencies and thus with such a warning, the situation did not turn out any worse. And for this we should be thankful.

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Congratulations go to cross-town rivals, the Dubbo Roos and their opponents, the Rhinos for the tough battle that was the third grade rugby union premiership played in Orange on the weekend.

Also winners were the Roos’ colts team who were undefeated all season.

Commiserations to the Roos first grade team who came up against the undefeated Orange team in the title decider.

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Bullish Bulli welcome break

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With a well-earned break this weekend, Bulli coach Ben Smith will take the opportunity to freshen up his players for the Illawarra Premier League grand final at Crehan Park on September 29.

Bulli’s Ben McDonald (left) fends off Dapto Dandaloo’s Alvin Ceccoli during their Illawarra Premier League match on Sunday. Picture: ANDY ZAKELI

Bulli advanced to the premiership decider with a 3-2 extra time win over Dapto Dandaloo in the major semi-final at Balls Paddock on Sunday.

The Fury will play Port Kembla in the preliminary final at Wetherall Park this Sunday after Port edged out Tarrawanna also 3-2 in extra time in the minor semi-final at JJ Kelly Park.

“The club is very happy, looking forward to it,” Smith said of the grand final date.

“We’re not too concerned who we play.

“Hopefully they can knock each other around a bit next Sunday, extra time would be good.

“We’re more worried about ourselves, making sure we take care of a few boys that have got a few niggling injuries, and freshen everyone up.

“We’ve had two weeks of extra time games on pretty firm pitches at this time of year so everyone’s pretty sore at the moment.

“So it will be good to have a break.”

Smith said Bulli wouldn’t be doing too much this week, have a session this Sunday and get back into normal training next week.

The coach expects one of his young players, Brendan Pattman, who has missed the past two games with an ankle injury, to be available for selection in the grand final squad.

“A couple of others we’ve lost have had season-ending injuries and they won’t be back,” Smith said.

“I’m sure those boys are doing it pretty tough at the moment. They’re only young fellows, they’ve got a lot of good years ahead of them.

“It’s more a case of them getting their injuries right now while they’re young, rather than try to play on and aggravate them.

“So it’s tough for them at the moment but we’ll try and keep them involved as much as possible.”

What has impressed Smith most about his players has been their team ethic and consistency.

“All of them put the team first,” he said.

“It’s not about individuals. Just the consistency. They’ve been real consistent throughout the whole season.

“We’ve got some experienced heads which really help with that. But for the young boys, they’ve really been consistent as well which you don’t always get with younger players. The difference between their highs and lows hasn’t been that great which has been a bit unexpected really.”

While grand finals are supposed to be approached as just another game, they aren’t for a number of reasons – including the hype surrounding them.

But the Bulli squad has a really sound attitude which should stand them in good stead going into the premiership decider.

“They’re all level-headed,” Smith said.

“It is a different ball game playing in the grand final but the team’s had high expectations all year internally.

“How they cope with the external attention or expectations is something we’ll soon find out.

“But internally we’ve always had high expectations within the team.”

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Change sweeps through Newcastle after elections

NOVOCASTRIANS voted with change in mind at the September 8 local government election and will expect to see a transformation of the city after independent Jeff McCloy was officially announced as lord mayor on Monday.
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Earlier in the week, the returning officer for Newcastle City Council announced Mr McCloy as the clear winner of the top job, after leading in the count for two weeks and securing more than 50 per cent of the primary vote.

Mr McCloy’s closest rival, Labor’s Nuatali Nelmes, bowed out of the leadership race early on, stating she could not overhaul his tally with preferences.

Throughout his campaign, Mr McCloy said he would endeavour to fix the city and turn around the image of Hunter Street, after describing it as a disgrace and stifling for the existing small businesses.

He also emphasised making a decision against heavy rail through the CBD.

It is expected Mr McCloy will need to co-operate with a left-leaning council.

With this outcome, Labor and the Greens could control the council chamber or vote together and block aspects of Mr McCloy’s agenda.

Overall, the new council will be made of up many fresh faces with Liberals making an appearance in every ward.

The lack of independent representatives in the new council chambers has been attributed to the mayor’s landslide victory and his endorsement of Liberal candidates throughout the wards.

Allan Robinson in ward four was the only independent to make the cut after his controversial backing of Mr McCloy on polling day, despite previous affiliations with mayoral hopeful Aaron Buman.

As The Star went to press, the counting of ballot papers for councillor positions was ongoing.

Allan Robinson looking statesmanlike in a suit outside city hall 5th July 2012

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Stingrays get in the party mood

The Illawarra Stingrays kick off their Mad Monday in East Corrimal. Picture: KIRK GILMOUR
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Mercury. Sport. Mad Monday. L to R FRONT. The Illawarra Stingrays womens football team kick off their Mad Monday in East Corrimal. Monday17 th September.Photo. Kirk Gilmour. Story. Tim Keeble


They didn’t capture a fourth straight NSW Women’s Premier League crown but the Illawarra Stingrays were in party mode yesterday.

Dethroned by Macarthur with Sunday’s 2-0 grand final loss, the Stingrays adopted an Olympic theme for Mad Monday celebrations.

“I’m the official,” captain Michelle Carney said of her outfit.

“I worked at the Sydney Olympics so I’ve got an official’s shirt and these feral blue pants.”

Carney said the loss still cut deep almost 24 hours later.

“It’s a great achievement to win three grand finals in a row and make a fourth, but it’s so disappointing because we dominated the game,” Carney said.

“Everyone has their own way of dealing with it but you could sense everyone was upset. We all know we should’ve won and it hurts even more today. I’m still sick about it.”

Carney remains undecided about playing with the Stingrays in 2013. She said it was too early to think about her future or that of her teammates.

“I’m not sure what everyone’s doing,” she said.

“I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Maybe I’ll keep playing, I don’t know.”

While they didn’t finish the year with a first grade title, the Stingrays claimed their maiden club championship, had three teams in grand finals and won the under 14 premiership.

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Eligibility questioned

Rosmairi Okeno, Lake Macquarie City Council candidate for west ward Rosmairi Okeno, Lake Macquarie City Council candidate for west ward. Pic submitted Aug 2012.
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Rosmairi Okeno, Lake Macquarie City Council candidate for west ward. Pic submitted Aug 2012.

THE eligibility of Lake Macquarie council West Ward candidate Rosmairi Okeno has been thrown into question.

As The Star went to press, the final tallies of the local government elections were still being finalised.

Ms Okeno looked to set to defeat Back to Basics candidate Jim Sullivan in the race for the final councillor seat in the West Ward.

However, Mr Sullivan has raised questions over her employment as the Southlake town co-ordinator, and whether she is employed by the council or the Southlake Chamber of Commerce.

People who work for the council cannot run for civic office.

In other election news, Wendy Harrison conceded defeat for the mayoral position of Lake Macquarie Council to Labor’s Jodie Harrison.

In addition to the Labor mayor, the new council will likely have five Labor councillors, three Liberals and four independents.

Jodie Harrison said she intended to focus on ensuring that the roads, libraries, pools and parks were properly maintained.

“Over the last few months residents have clearly said to me they want a better looking Lake Macquarie,” she said.”

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