Government going nowhere with party laws: opposition

The state opposition says the government is all talk and no action on tackling out of control parties.
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Opposition spokeswoman for police Michelle Roberts spoke on the matter today following what Deputy Police Commissioner Chris Dawson described as the worst wild party in Perth on record.

“Out of control parties have been a significant problem in the community for some years now, particularly this year; last summer we saw a huge number of out of control parties,” she said.

“We saw promises from the Liberal party that they were going to do something about it.

“Quite frankly I cannot believe we are still here talking about it and that we still have not seen the Liberal Party legislation.

“They started talking about bring forward legislation on it at the start of this year.

“We’re now in September and we’re seeing the Christmas decorations go up and we still haven’t seen the legislation.”

Laws to give police more powers to move revelers on and enter premises when dealing with out of control parties have been touted by the government.

There has also been talk of making those responsible for the parties to pay some form of compensation as well as the use of mobile police buses in which people could be detained.

Ms Roberts said Liberal party members had been talking about the “tough new laws” they would bring up in pamphlets sent out to residences.

“Well where are these tough new laws,” she said.

‘The public’s growing tired of the fact that week in, week out we’re seeing more parties, scenes that you might expect to see in the middle east, not down town Perth.”

She suggested the Liberal party were holding off on introducing the laws to keep the matter current and use it as an election issue.

“This is nothing but playing politics by the Liberal party,” she said.

“It was signaled at the Liberal party conference that Colin Barnett intends to make law and order an election issue.

“They have delayed these party laws to the last minute, perhaps they’re hoping that they won’t get through the parliament and they’ll perpetrate more lies through the community and say it’s the Labor Party’s fault,” she said

Ms Roberts urged the government to provide Opposition with the legislation, even if in draft form, to get started on bringing it to Parliament.

“They’re out promoting the laws as part of some election strategy, but they haven’t brought them (the legislation) before Parliament.”

There are only 18 sitting days remaining this year.

“To have any hope of getting it through the Parliament, you’d expect her to be introducing it this week,” Ms Roberts said.

Police Minister Liza Harvey was not available to speak on Ms Roberts comments this afternoon but told the ABC earlier today that the legislation would be given priority but she wanted to get it right.

“Bearing in mind, we are dealing with parties here and parties are very much a part of our culture in Australia,” she told ABC.

“I wanted to be sure that any legislation we bring to the house, won’t have unintended consequences for people who are genuinely going about their business and holding parties in a responsible fashion.”Follow WAtoday on Twitter

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