New fitness trend sweeping Wollongong

Bokwa is a new fitness craze that is a fun cardio workout that anyone can do. Picture: ROBERT PEETBokwa is as easy as knowing your alphabet – literally.
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The new fitness craze is based on participants drawing letters and numbers with their feet while performing an energetic and fun cardio workout.

Qualified Bokwa instructor Michelle Cooley says there is even a YouTube clip of a three-year-old and six-year-old getting down with the moves, showing how easy it is to get into the Bokwa groove.

And what sets Bokwa apart from other fitness crazes is that it especially caters for youngsters and the hearing-impaired, with instructors also using universal sign language in the workouts to make it easy for everyone to follow.

“There’s nothing like it … a lot of people are trying to compare it to Zumba but there’s nothing like it where you’re using letters and numbers,” says Cooley, who is an instructor at Fivestar Martial Arts & Fitness at Albion Park Rail.

“You can make it as easy or as intense as you want to, you just need to be willing to try it.

“My eight-year-old does it with my 83-year-old grandmother.”

Cooley, who has been instructing Bokwa classes for about two months, has just returned from a weekend Bokwa certification in Sydney with Los Angeles-based Bokwa creator Paul Mavi.

The former professional ballroom and Latin dancer has also completed a week of intensive training with Mavi in San Diego earlier this year and is presently one of four Bokwa instructors in NSW.

Cooley says the classes are perfect for getting youngsters moving and she expects a Bokwa Bounce Foundation to start soon in Australia, following on from the UK where schools are linking with instructors for weekly lessons.

And if the pattern continues, there will also be Bokwa Cycle, Bokwa Step and Bokwa H2O in Australian gyms soon.

Cooley says the use of numbers and letters in Bokwa makes it as much of an educational tool as it is fun exercise for kids.

“It’s going to get kids in schools moving,” the busy mum of four says.

“And in the world we live in where technology rules, kids aren’t exercising enough.”

And the sign language used by the instructors for participants to follow the moves makes it an ideal exercise for the hearing-impaired.

“It’s opening an avenue for everyone,” Cooley says.

There are eight levels in Bokwa – with level eight described by Cooley as “insane, crazy”.

“It comes down to confidence – the more confident you are the more you can let loose,” she says.

Classes are done to popular music and the one-hour workout is great for cardio fitness.

“It’s perfect for those who are wanting to get fit or want to just lose a kilo or two,” Cooley says.

She first learned of Bokwa after attending a fitness convention in Sydney in April this year.

“It’s going to take the world by storm because it’s just so simple,” she says.

“If you think you can’t dance, then Bokwa is for you; if you can move and you can spell, then you can Bokwa.”

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