Our View: More reasons to stay in ‘the bush’

ANYONE watching those frightening events unfolding in the heart of Sydney at the weekend must have been very grateful they live in Lithgow or other country centres which seem to escape the violence that comes with the dark side of multi-culturalism.
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In places like Lithgow and Bathurst the nearest we come to ethnic crime is usually when the perpetrators finish up in our jails.

The madness which exploded on our TV screens was extremely disturbing and will serve no useful purpose.

What it has done is to provide ample fodder for talk back radio shock jocks and for those among us who wish to revive racial hatreds.

Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr said the issue was stirred up by a very small group of radicals.

That well may be but they clearly had little trouble in attracting an ugly horde of hundreds of supporters.

It doesn’t take much to stir up these radicals around the world but perhaps while demanding respect for their prophet they should show the same respect for the infidels who gave them sanctuary in our country.

In the meantime we’ll stay in Lithgow.

The worst we have to put up with is a few brawling late night drunks.

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